Fitroll apparatus


"FITROLL INFRA"- safe, modern, certified, eradiating long infrared rays roll apparatus for lymph-drainage massage.


The apparatus may also be applied for the use in SPA and massage centers, sports clubs, beauty salons, individual needs.




Weight; 85 kg.

Height:740 mm;

Width: 740 mm;

Roll length: 590 mm;

Supply: 220-230 V; 50 Hz; 400 W;

Engine power 0,37 kW;

Roll speed from 30- 99 turns/min.;

Regulated intensity “Philips” infrared rays lamp;

Maximum roll load: 140 kg;






LCD screen;

Lithuanian and on demand English, Polish, Russian , Latvian, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Norwegian  languages;

Setting of programs, operation time and speed;

Standard 72 programs. 

Procedure duration timer: 15 min.; 30 min.; 45 min.; 60 min.; 75 min.; 90 min.;

Timer of working day and all worked term of the apparatus;

IR lamp emission intensity regulation: 0-100;


Program cancellation;





The apparatus are covered with special material, resistant to the impact of infrared rays;

Material selection from 10 colors and 2 structure types;

Roll color: dark or light brown;

Control panel at the front or on the side;

Warranty period: for mechanical part - 12 months, for electrical - 12 months;

We train and provide information material.



“Fitroll Infra” is a new product on the market. The apparatus is intended for roll massage of all body, thanks to which lymph-drainage massage is made, toxins are removed, body shape is improved, cellulite and stretch marks are reduced, unnecessary weight is lost, the skin becomes firmer and more elastic, muscles are strengthened, blood circulation is improved, and metabolism is activated.


SUPPLEMENTS ( included into the price of the apparatus)


Two sizes of chairs (2 units);

 Spec. rug;



2000 EUR+VAT

Delivery to place. Delivery price in Lithuania - 75 EUR/unit + VAT ,  In Latvia - 150 EUR/unit+ VAT.


If you wish to purchase fitroll apparatus please contact us for more information and consultancies tel. +370 656 88277