Effects on the body

- activation of lymph flow,

- deep body cleaning,

- overweight and body size decrease, in the areas of legs, arms, hips, abdomen, and hams,

- skin structure and external looks of tissues are improved, the skin becomes firm,

- cellulite and stretch marks are reduced,

- muscles of legs, hams, abdomen, back, and arms are strengthened,

- toxins, excess water, swellings are get out of the system,

- immune system becomes stronger, sleep, working capacity, total body well-being become better.



Results of the treatment:

  Before treatment                          After 10 procedures  

Before the procedureAfter 10 treatments


Infrared rays’ effect on the body:



Heating with infrared rays is such form of energy, which is transferred by specific length waves directly to the objects. This does not have anything in common with ultraviolet rays, which burn and damage the skin.

During the treatment infrared rays penetrate directly into the skin up to 45mm deep, therefore human cells absorb the energy of infrared rays, which causes a physical phenomenon, called “resonance”. This way activity of cells is immediately activated, as a result, blood circulation is improved, oxygen level in blood cells increases, metabolism speeds up – and people have more energy.

Waves of infrared rays are a great help for those who want to lose weight. These waves speed up the metabolism in the body, which determines high loss of calories.

Infrared rays increase heart rate and blood circulation, which is important to keep good health. Heart rate improves, when more blood is transferred from internal organs to the limbs.

The heat, which is generated by the waves of infrared rays, stimulates peripheral expansion of blood vessels. Due to this oxygen gets to the limbs and joints, which results in relaxed stiff muscles and reduced pain.

Using treatment with infrared rays, toxins and other harmful materials are removed from the body faster through lymphatic system.

Under the influence of roll massage, the heat of infrared rays allows increasing blood circulation faster and transferring large amounts of nourishment into the skin, this way stimulating healthier skin color, texture and its soft cleansing. 

Long waves of infrared rays positively affect the immune system, which protects our body from harmful bacteria.